Worship Team

              We use music to focus our minds and hearts on God.
        Due to COVID-19, our services from September to December, 2020 are:  
                             Sunday Worship Times: 9:30 am and 11:00 am      No Sunday Night Services
                                         Wednesday Night Worship Time: 7:00 pm
       Every service held at OC Naz is filled with a collection of voices and instrumentalists bringing sounds of worship and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our passion and purpose is to bring glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ as we meet together in corporate weekly praise and worship and to live and demonstrate a personal life-style of worship that will draw others to the saving knowledge of Christ.  Above everything in this life, God is worthy of all blessing, honor, glory and power.  Praise and worship create an atmosphere for God to rain down His glory, His love and His healing power
      A few of the connecting points within our corporate worship opportunities are:
Praise Team – A variety of vocal and instrumental teams help lead us in our praise and worship times.  They play a vital role in making the worship experience so great.
Worship Orchestra – The orchestra is the driving force behind our music!  The worship orchestra sets the tone for worship each week.
Technical Services – Our sound and media ministry is another avenue of worship that provides amplification and atmosphere to our services.  Technical areas include:  sound operation, lighting, visual support and any other IT or communication related areas.
            Richard Bradshaw (Sound)       Greg Moravec (media)
     Altar Prayer – At any time during our worship services, the altars are open as a place to come pray and spend time with God.
  Offering Plate – We honor and worship the Lord as obedient followers of Christ by giving back a measure of what He has blessed us with.
   Communion – We share in communion on the last Sunday of every month. All believers in Christ are invited to participate, not solely members of our church. This simple act reminds us that Jesus sacrificed His life for us. It’s an important symbol of the new covenant and a statement of faith for those who participate.
    Testimonies – Living witnesses testifying in celebration of God’s saving grace, and His faithfulness, love and mercy in our lives.
     Baptisms – For those who have accepted Christ and desire to publicly express their devotion to follow Him.
   Decorating – We have a wonderful group that decorates our facility, gathering once a month for a planning meeting and throughout the year to decorate inside the building. 
    Baby & Child Dedications – Parents bring their children for baby & child dedications when they publicly go before God and commit to raising them with God’s help and guidance. Parents and extended family join the pastor to profess their faith in God and their dependence on Him. The congregation is asked to pray for the family, to support them, and to be witnesses of Christ as the child grows up in the Church.
     New Members – We give “love” and “support” to those who have completed the Membership course study to become members of the Church. Family members join the pastor to support those becoming members of Oregon City Church of the Nazarene.