MINISTERIAL STAFF is responsible for the relational health and spiritual leadership of the church.
                                  Rev. David & Margie Shankle – Senior Pastor
                                  Preaching / Teaching / Vision / Evangelism
                                        Contact: church.office@ocnaz.com
                                                    Rev. Diane Reinertsen
                            Executive / Children’s Pastor / Christian Education
                                       Contact: church.office@ocnaz.com
Shawna & Marcus Wilcher
Director of Youth Ministries
Contact: church.office@ocnaz.com
                                                                            Ministerio Latino
                                                Iglesia Del Nazareno en Oregon City
      Marco & Monica Flores, Directores          Anna Rousett, Maestra Escuela Dominical
                       Ministerio Latino                                                                                  
                                 Contact: church.office@ocnaz.com
OFFICE STAFF:    Wendy Wessel       Contact: church.office@ocnaz.com
BOARD MEMBERS are responsible for assisting the pastor in fulfilling the mandate of the Church, establishing Church policy and governing Church finances and property. The Church Board is the policy-making/vision casting arm of the Church and meetings concern the future planning of our Church, day-to-day operations of the Church, and growth as leaders in the Church. Board members serve a one-year term and are elected by vote of the Church membership. Our District/Local Church year begins on May 1st of each year and ends on April 30th of the next year.
Board Chairman: Pastor David Shankle          Board Secretary:  Kim Manselle
Board Recording Secretary: Cheryl Larson 
Board Members:  Greg Moravec, Levi Manselle, Kim Manselle, Dan Semrad, Cathy Price, Abby Tatman (NYI-youth), Pam Weber (NMI-missions) and Cheryl Larson (SDMI-Sunday School).
TEAM LEADERS oversee different areas of ministries and meet monthly to share ministry activities.
Christian Education (Sunday School – SDMI), NMI (missions), NYI (youth), Administration, Adult Ministries, Caravan, Celebrate Recovery, Compassionate Ministries, Evangelism / Outreach Ministries, Facilities Ministry, Fellowship Ministry, Finance Committee, Hispanic Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Men’s Ministries, Military Ministry, Multi-Media Ministries, New Beginnings Ministry, Praise Team, Small Group Ministries, Sound/Audio Visual, Visitation Ministries, Women’s Ministries, Worship Ministry, Young at Heart