April 28, 2019

                    Pastor David & Margie Shankle’s
              Shawna & Marcus Wilcher’s Farewell Luau                                                        
          Pastor David & Margie Shankle are resigning as Lead Pastor at Oregon City Church of Nazarene effective April 28th.  Pastor Shankle has served as Lead Pastor for 13 years.  Pastor is not retiring … he is taking on new assignments.
     We held an “Aloha” farewell Luau for them on Sunday, April 28th after the morning service. The program consisted of testimonies, stories and appreciation, a slide show of the last 13 years and a walk down memory lane emphasizing the accomplishments made at Oregon City Nazarene over the 13 years of leadership under Pastor Shankle.  During the morning service they were presented with leis, cards and special gifts.  We also took a love offering for Pastor, Margie, Shawna & Marcus as our appreciation for their leadership.
      Our Youth Director, Shawna & Marcus Wilcher are also leaving us on May 1st.  We included them with the farewell Luau as well.
                                                                                                                                                            Gifts of Appreciation
              Margie & Pastor David                               Fellowship                                     Hawaiian Song
                                                                                                 Testimonies, Stories, Appreciation 
     We wish Pastor David & Margie and Shawna & Marcus the best in your new assignments.  You will definitely be missed.  Until we meet again … ALOHA!!