“Miracle May” Campaign

This is a time of great harvest and what a privilege to be a part of it.
February, 2016 through September, 2016
Our Finance Committee and Church Board started our debt reduction campaign in February, 2016 to eliminate our building debt of $210,000.  Each week testimonies provided encouragement on how God was giving our congregation miracle favors (above our normal tithes and offerings) to help eliminate the building debt.  Our monthly payment of $6,000 was a burden to the church and we took a step of faith that God would help us through our journey to be debt free.  On May 22, 2016, we took our one-time “Miracle May” offering and God blessed us with $136,000!  From June through August we received additional “Miracle May” offerings and continued our monthly payments leaving a total debt of $22,000 in September.  In September, 2016, our debt was completely paid off in 105 days.  PTL!!  We give God all the glory!!
When Pastor Shankle made the announcement, several people were crying, some were praising the Lord, and some were in disbelief, not knowing what to do – cry, shout out, or just sit still.  What an amazing moment to watch God work — Miracles really do happen
                                                        March 26, 2017
                           Mortgage Burning Day – Annual Congregational Meeting
         Scot Spalding and Jim fitts burned a copy of the Mortgage and everyone cheered
                     “WE ARE DEBT FREE!!”